I am Feon Davis. I started this site to sell my handmade on my etsy. I very love doing Creative handmade cards and Including my Inspirational Poems Mainly since the age of 9 of age. Now I am in my older I am still writing but only often. I am more crafting by digital Design with added image and Poem as downloads on my www.personalgifts.etsy.com shop.


I just started my new site here. To sell any and all USA HANDMADE items. Yes USA MADE. I take what's plastic and tin containers and decorated into something beautiful piece of Artist UPCYCLED item for purchase. I will apply fabric to use for not only storage but for SPECIAL Occasions like wedding for flower girl or Easter egg hunt. I used studs, flowers, trim ribbon, ribbon of any color and design. Even lace or pearls.


I also love sewing handmade Miniature pillow that can be applied to dollhouses or as keychain as well included with scripture. You will be love all my works list. All item purchase here are a gift from God to you. I also hoping you love what you see.



You can use paypal using debit, cashier check, credit cards.


Please Allow 24 hours upon order to process . First Class or either Priority by USPS 2-3 days at the least.


If you have question please email here: inthearmsofgod@hotmail.com thank you.